Raw Beginners and burning issues!

In case you haven't yet found the "what should I feed my dog" blog I thought I'd flag up the latest burning issues on it...

I was reading in a woman's mag about the campaign to encourage more people to change over to veggie eating. I think the concept is called Flexitarianism, encouraging people who can't bear to give up their bacon sarnies and roast diners to consider baby steps to changing their habits. Paul McCartney's Meat free Mondays is an example of this concept.
What do you think are the easiest ways for pet owners to move to a more 'natural' diet without going the whole hog?
What's your handy hints for moving up scale to a better quality food without totally losing the convenience and the reassuring feeding instructions on the pack! Are any of you considering the leap so we can follow your progress?
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Why should we be trying to replicate the prey diet? Why feed dogs as if they are wild animals now they don't do nearly so much exercise? Hasn't the dog evolved over its substantial time with man to share and possibly favour our food?
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Anonymous said…
it is all about keeping it real =]

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