It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it....!

Tess and Oscar are going to be road-testing a very posh dog friendly hotel...

Here's the link.

Doesn't it look amazing? Isn't there a lot of white in those suites...! These are brave folks indeed I feel. Will have to take a lot of towels and the paw plunger, and the dog coats....

There are lots of other doggie folks on the team here that would also love to road test gorgeous doggie destinations who are somewhat green with envy at our press trip! If anyone else has a similarly amazing destination that welcomes dogs please do get in touch as we have lots of willing volunteers to try them out.


Cloverleafk9 said…
Got my mag yesterday. Brilliant as usual!

Just a couple of points on it. In the editors notes at the beginning you said about the resucue in Wales not being able to register as a charity as they need £5k reserves. This isn't right! They have to have an annual income of £5k before they must register but they can register if they want to with any level of income; reserves aren't taken into account. (I've been supporting charities and community groups for 5 years and this is a common mistake).

Secondly, I was shocked to see an advert promoting the forth coming tour of Ceasr Millan! More so when it was in the Ask Why Say No COAPE and Peter Neville section, although that could have been clever placement by yourselves. I know that you need income to support the magazine but what about drawing the line somewhere? It looks as if you are condoning the tour.
In the pink said…
Yep, I was a bit surprised to see the C M advert too!
FAB hotel they know your dogs ha ha Never mind the Paw Plunger just find out if there's a free hot-tub!!!!!
Beverley Cuddy said…
We did not solicit Cesar’s advert, their agency approached us and you're as surprised as me as to why we were chosen.
Should we have banned his advert? After all we have even taken adverts from the Kennel Club in the past even though we have serious issues with them.
We hold our right to editorial freedom of speech above all else and we love the fact we can campaign hard for things, and we celebrate the fact that we don’t bend our editorial just because there's a wealthy advertiser who wants us to.
If we didn’t take Cesar’s money would he cancel his tour? Would he change his methodology? He’d probably spend the money in another magazine that didn’t point out there is a another way.
I’d rather our intelligent and informed readers see his advert than him place it elsewhere.
I increased the size of the APBC advert to a half page in the same issue to help balance things, too. And you will see we have very strong editorial about positive reward-based methods in the issue and all others.
I hope this explains things! Publishing is a juggling act, but I hope you agree we made the right call. We say what we like on the editorial pages thanks to people buying adverts and people like you buying the magazine.
We are confident that the readers can tell the difference between adverts and editorial and will make up their own minds.

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