Need a break to get over the break

This was the first time I've taken two dogs away. This is the first time either of these two dogs have been to an hotel.

It was a gorgeous hotel.
I say was - it wouldn't still be if we'd stayed last night.

Our trip to Sidmouth beach looked a safe bet. Pebbles, big pebbles.

So why did Oscar and Tess turn orange?

In the space of one walk they went from pristine to unfeasible to clean without a grooming salon and a day of soaking and rinsing with Anita Bax International Dog Groomer of the Year.
So stay cut short by one night - made excuses as too embarrassed to admit real reason! All orange stuff now all over the back of Graham's car - but better that than over the gorgeous hotel's mainly white carpets...!
The dogs loved the beach though....


Chapstaff said…
Oh crumbs - looks a bit posh for dogs, were they truly dog friendly or just dog tolerant? ...or weren't you there long enough to find out? lol

What was the orange stuff then?
Ems said…
That is very very orange - bet they had fun getting that orange...

Anyway, as its not been mentioned in the blog, errrrrm, might I ask... why is there a big advert for Cesar Milan in dogs today.. i thought DT was rather 'anti' his methods? (its being asked on a doggy forum as many are quite surprised)
Beverley Cuddy said…
I did make a comment in a previous blog about Cesar and the ad - but I'll start a sep blog as there's obviously some people missing it!

Oscar is still orange today. Two days till his spa day with groomer Anita! Perhaps we'll just pretend its an intentional Christmas rinse... even Tess is cream rather than silver white.

A lovely walk - but would have preferred a stick of rock as a souvenir!
alfmcmalf said…
Ah yes the dogs and hotels thing. We once took alfie to the Crown and Castle at Orford run by TV's Ruth Watson. Very very nice. But they asked that after walks the dogs should be hosed down and dried before entering the rooms - fair enough as all the bed linen was snowfrosty white. But their hose was attached to a cold water tap. A cold water tap for my dog!! I know I know. He loved nothing more than thrashing about in the most freezing of waters but I could never bring myself to using a cold hose on him.

We sneaked him in to the room and used their lovely bath. These so called welcome breaks away with your dog are not really worth the stress are they?
The Eejits said…
ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTG Oscar!

It does look a mighty fine hotel though, sorry to read that your stay was cut short.

Sorry I can't add any intelligent comment, but thanks for the giggle this morning!

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