We're behind you!

Yesterday we braved the ice and snow to go to the panto to see Cinderella at Woking with Joanna Page, the pretty blonde actress out of Gavin and Stacey.
Last year Joanna had given us a lovely interview about her lovely Jack Russell Daisy.
As we were going to the panto I thought I'd drop her a quick line to say hello and wish Daisy Happy Christmas and be really cheeky and ask if she could arrange for a shout out for our boys - one of which is a mega Gavin and Stacey fan.
I'd included a little pressie for Daisy and a copy of the latest issue for Joanna to read inbetween performances.
We were sitting right at the front and we were wondering if anything would happen and if indeed the little parcel had reached Joanna.
There comes that bit in the show where Buttons reads out the birthdays and messages and sure enough our boys got a name check and they gave out a little cheer.
Then Buttons went on to say how Joanna's dog Daisy had appeared in Dogs Today magazine and that everyone should go out and buy it!
A free advert at the panto! How unexpected! What a lovely lady she is!
PS the panto was great - do go and see it! Lots of dog references!


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