Lessons not learned

I think we probably all felt a depressing sense of déjà vu as the news unfolded that yet another poor child had died in the care of a granny grappling with a powerful dog.
You'd have hoped that the last time this happened it would have given everyone else in similar circumstances a real wake-up call, but no. Seems not.
Seems obvious that after the last child death all other grannies would have reviewed their domestic situation, but obviously not.
If we don't bring up our dogs properly we put everyone - but most obviously - our own families at great risk.
What a tragedy.
Surely this time those who have dogs that are out of control will heed the warnings and take action.
Oh for a fashion that attracts people to friendly, gentle dogs - one that makes dog training trendy.


In the pink said…
Thereis so much more to all this isn't there? A whole culture of inappropriate dog breeding and welfare in confined domestic situations. Heartbreaking that children become the ones to suffer in this climate of using dogs for image, kudos and money.

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