Any chance of some more miracles...?

Just got another heart wrenching email in, we originally had an email from her older daughter asking for Tailwaggers help and advice on what to do.
Their house is being repossessed in four weeks and they have two beloved Labradors. They'll probably have to go into temporary accommodation which is unlikely to be dog-friendly. They are most keen to find a temporary foster home for the dogs or ideally somewhere they all could stay together until the council finds them somewhere permanent.

Hi Beverley

I'm Lia's mum, Kim, 

The two Labradors are called Blaze and Bailey, Blaze is seven and has three legs, she had cancer when she was nine weeks old thankfully she is now fine, Bailey is six years old and in good health. They have both grown up with children as I have a 12 year old daughter, they have also grown up with cats and don't take any notice of them.
They are housetrained, but haven't been spayed. The vets wouldn't do Blaze because she also had some pelvis removed with the leg. Lia, my elder daughter, is in work in Maidstone and Georgia attends school in Maidstone, so ideally we would like to be based around this area.
I was divorced five years ago and managed to keep the house going but was made bankrupt in October 2008. The house is being repossesed to pay the debts, we are on the council housing list and they are aware of the dogs, but the problem could arise if we are put in bed and breakfast until a property is found. Please feel free to contact me either on Lia's email address or this one - or contact me on 07784051589.

Many thanks
Kim Josling
Any bright ideas? Any foster homes in the area? Anyone got local contacts?
What a terribly unsettling time for this family who obviously want to stay together.


Linda Ward said…
If they are put in a B&B the law says they can't be there longer than 6 weeks, so it might help find somewhere for the dogs if they know how long it will be needed for?

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