What can we do?

Just had a pet owner on the phone in bits.
It's a long story, they've got in a mess. The family had to come home from Spain in a hurry - she moved to make life easier for her disabled husband. They ended up acquiring a few rescue dogs while they were there and their passports weren't in order for a variety of reasons. The dogs ended up in a kennels in Holland sitting out their passports maturing.
The kennel bills were approx 7k euros and most of this was paid. The offer of work for Wendy and her daughters fell through and worse the disability living allowance for her husband stopped inexplicably and would have covered the remaining fees.
The family have been issued with an ultimatum. Pay the remaining kennel fees by this Saturday or the dogs are put to sleep or rehomed.
A chap in Belgium has offered to collect the dogs and hold them free of charge until Wendy is able to collect them. The dogs are now fully passported and ready to travel.
He has tried to negotiate with the kennels but has got nowhere.
They still say pay up or they'll dispose of the dogs.
What can we do?
Anyone got any media contacts in Holland? Anyone able to negotiate in the kennel owners own language?

Here's Comet, Pop, Meg and Jess. This Saturday is the deadline.

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Nikki said…
Maybe AMCF who are based in Holland might be able to help you, their contact details are on their website http://www.animalmedicalcarefoundation.com/contact.html

They are an organisation who help out rescue centres with medical supplies, but they might be able to help you translate as its a doggy issue. The founding member is Betty Mercer.

All the best
Julie said…

Whereabouts in Holland are the dogs being held?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Julie

I have the website address for the kennels if you'd like to email me, don't want to publish the name of the kennels as trying to negotiate with them - although they haven't answered my email of this morning yet - ugh!


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