The Lion, the report and the Kennel club?

This could be a monumental day.
Is it just me or is this just like the Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe.
Is Sir Patrick Batseson going to be the doggie Aslan?
Is his report at 10am starting the thaw? Is it soon not to be forever winter for the dogs of Britain?
Just did Radio 4's Today programme and his pre-record seemed to suggest he was going to address puppy farming, inbreeding and breeding dogs into weird shapes.
He's an intelligent, caring man.
Here's a link to Radio 4 we were on at 7.22.
Think Sky News might be about to run the pre-record they did yesterday. BBC news have something, too.
This could be the biggest day in doggie history.
Fingers crossed he's as brave and fair as Aslan.
The dogs of Britain need him to be.
Click here for the latest BBC news report.


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