The day after ....

Yesterday, which had been a euphoric day, someone posted a quite menacing anonymous comment which for legal reasons I had to reject.
It was a nasty slur against the people we were trying to help and I wasn't sure whether to completely ignore it or not.
I wanted to investigate it, just to be sure, so I left a comment to ask them to contact me directly with more information.
They didn't but instead this comment was left on the blog overnight which I think probably explains everything!

"If I had allowed your comment through it would be unsubstantiated defamation and being anonymous I have no way to contact you directly to enquire what it is you were hinting at." well this is pot calling a kettle black situation Ms Cuddy, afterall you only do post what you want to be seen and dismiss other who disagree with you (or even worse try and under mine or be little them)  as the Liverpudddlian phrase is your just a "gob on a stick"  and only bever peddle you one side views , perhaps like the people at Passionate Production who will have to face the music soon when the ofcom decisionis broacast of thier  lies and decites (shame the OFcom was buckeldd to pressure to change from the original decisons on that sham of a program)you too will soon reaslise your voice may be load but i does not always make it right in the canine world.

I had already emailed Wendy to ask her some more background about her situation as the original comment spooked me. Her reply was in refreshing contrast to the dark and troubled person quoted above.

Firstly, we don't think for one moment you are prying, we are quite open and honest about everything and are more than happy to answer any questions you or others may have.

I'll edit as she has given me a lot of personal information, but they are having to appeal to the parliamentary ombudsmen as her husband's Disability Living Allowance stopped when they returned to Britain when his condition deteriorated. He has been hospitalised twice since returning to the UK.

Some good news though, I thought I should check that they were going to be able to look after the dogs when they got them home...

With regards to coping with the dogs...we have always had at least one dog in the family, we cope with life better with them than without. Our daughters and I take them for walks (sometimes the other way around) ;), my husband provides the tickles behind ears, which with Pop is a full time occupation. If he stops for any reason he gets smacked with a paw.
As for being able to cope financially, our youngest daughter heard yesterday that she has a new job starting on Monday. So we have had two blessings this week.

Hope this helps you to answer any questions thrown at you. If you need any further clarification on anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you once again for everything you have done for our family,
Kind regards

Stay warm and safe everyone, just seen the aerial picture of Britain on Sky news and it was totally white - looked like a scene from that scary movie the Day After Tomorrow. It's colder than the South Pole today in some parts of Britain.

Dare I suggest that the coldest place on the planet is probably the heart of the person who left that anonymous comment?

PS Perhaps the old misery should take a glimpse at exactly who donated to the JustGiving page? I spy the director of Pedigree Dogs Exposed... since you brought the documentary up in the first place!


Mina said…
Good luck to Wendy with the DLA. My son's was stopped unexpetedly December 08 and so also related benefits stopped as well. By April I was in such dire straits I had to borrow that month's mortgage payment.

Eventually the DLA got sorted out, and back dated (although related benefits were not), but I know how difficult it can be, and of course J is not such a 'severe' case.
Anonymous said…
Some cruel cold hearted people around that think they can sit behind a computer spouting rubbish and that they cannot be found. I personally would have tracked down their ISP and gave them a lesson they would not forget in a hurry.

Well done everyone and I hope the dogs return home soon and that everyone has an easier peaceful time in 2010.

For that poster I hope your cold heart defrosts.
Anonymous said…
I think you want to get your facts straight, you are in danger of damaging the reputation of the kennels, when in fact they are a wronged party here.

I don't expect you to allow this through as it disagrees with your false report
In the pink said…
I don't think anyone has damaged the kennel reputation - actually they sound good, caring folk.

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