Win a book - get guessing!

Now I'm not at all surprised we have not had a correct answer in for this month's Cross question! It is pretty hard - plus the post has been somewhat patchy to arrive here! Poor old posties.
I suspect even if we'd just put a photo of the more unusual of Buddy's parents most of you still wouldn't know what it was - it is probably one of the rarest breeds in the country!
So I'll be giving clues. I'm starting by confirming one parent is a Border Collie.
Now let's try for the other more elusive ingredient. This dog does look quite like his unusual parent. although the colours are more typically BC.
Please do email your guesses to or for instant feedback get on Twitter. First correct answer received on the email wins the doggie book from Interpet.


Becca said…
Is it a border Collie X Karelian Bear Dog?
Chapstaff said…
Sent in my effort :o)
Anonymous said…
Is the other half a Beauceron?
Julia Lewis

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