Asking a lot here... but you lot are amazing!

Candy is a 17 year old Collie x Whippet cross. Not greatly continent and bit wobbly on her legs. Her vet says she might live a few weeks or a few months, or who knows. But that there's no reason to consider putting her to sleep other than the fact that her owner has a particularly nasty cancer and only has a 30% survival chance. He is in his early 40s and has no relatives or friends able to help.
He was in rented accommodation, but has recently had to move into a rented room where Candy is not welcome.
Candy has been placed in a boarding kennel as a temporary fix, but ideally what would be wonderful is a long term foster home somewhere near enough for the owner to still occasionally visit Candy.
A further complication, the owner is not able to drive and lives in Morecambe, Lancashire.
A local pet sitting firm has found one of their people able to take her into their home but there is a £11 a day charge and the owner doesn't have the resources to cover that. Macmillon may offer a one off grant of up to £500 but what happens if Candy is (hopefully) still doing well seven weeks later when the money runs out? (Is the record for collie longevity 27 years?)
Wouldn't it be amazing if we could find a little comfortable spot for Candy with someone lovely who will let his worried owner see her being pampered?
Is there a saint out there?
Candy would be fine with other dogs and is too old to worry cats, she is apparently only likely to annoy one by walking into it!
Julia from People and Pets Advocates contacted me and I offered to ask on her behalf if anyone has any bright ideas? She doesn't yet have any volunteers in the area - perhaps you'd like to become a volunteer in your area - see the website for details.
Please contact Julia if you are able to assist (


Penkitty said…
I might be able to help Beverley but it wouldn't be in the area. Sorry don't have any fosterers in Lancashire.
If no one local comes forward get in touch and I will try and help.
Penkitty said…
I've posted on our Facebook page.
Claire M said…
Has a vet been consulted about Candy's incontinence? Often this can be easily and effectively controlled with medication. Presumably it would be much easier to find her a foster home if she were continent. Just a thought.
bugs said…
I really hope that someone is able to look after Candy for the rest of her time here, and that her owner can have some peace of mind at this worrying time. I can't help, as I'm too far away, plus I have a dog aggressive dog.

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