Dogs Trust's new statement on John Lewis

“Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has written to John Lewis to urge them to consider the welfare messages conveyed when using animals in their marketing activities and we are waiting for a response. As the charity who coined the phrase “A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas”, we feel it is disappointing that the John Lewis Christmas advert continues to show the family dog being left out in the cold this Christmas. This is an irresponsible way to depict dog ownership. ”

We asked the RSPCA to comment and they said, "It's not our place to comment, people should be directed to the ASA to complain."

I'll leave it to you to comment on the RSPCA's lack of comment...!

I've asked Battersea if they'd like to refresh their comment, waiting to hear back.



Anonymous said…
The RSPCA "It's not our place to comment, people should be directed to the ASA to complain."

JerryPup said…
I'd love to revise my opinion about the RSPCA, but with non-comments such as this, I'm afraid it's not going to happen. Typical I'm afraid.
Simon said…
Once again the RSPCA adopt the "sit on the fence" stance.
Mrs Trellis said…
Well done to Dogs Trust for speaking out..... unlike some organizations.
Nina Cole said…
Sadly I am not surprised by the response, or should I say lack of response by the RSPCA on the JL Christmas advert.

Thank goodness for the Dogs Trust, whom we have supported over the years. Shame on JL for continuing to ignore public opinion.
Anonymous said…
We adopted one of our girls from the RSPCA years ago. She had been beaten by her previous owners. They re-homed her with the proviso "Can not live with other dogs or young children". Sit on the fence - no surprise.
Just to put the record straight - our girl lives with 3 other dogs and visits local primary schools to give demos of obedience, dance and agility - she loves the kids and they cuddle her BIG TIME.
cambstreasurer said…
Don't any of you care about this dog and others like him?

Warning incredibly upsetting image.

You can also see some samples of what the RSPCA is actually doing to help dogs and other animals if you follow
Beverley Cuddy said…
That is a horrible picture, but I have to say nobody did anything to prevent that dog from suffering.

The campaign is trying to make sure people don't think it's okay to put your dog in a shed. Dogs in sheds get forgotten. I remember several key cases in my own breed where people locked their dogs away and then started to forget to feed them, visit them. One of our readers rescued one Beardie that had gone blind due to malnutrition.

That was a famous RSPCA case, but the damage was already done. I am disappointed that the RSPCA isn't speaking up about this issue. Taking action after the suffering has occurred is too late.

Dogs in sheds are a bad idea.
Anonymous said…
RSPCA only care when money or publicity for them will be in the mix, but to do good, nope they dont care
cambstreasurer said…
But why turn it into yet another RSPCA knocking campaign?

People in the RSPCA are near breaking point. Do you want to be the last straw that broke the camel's back?
Beverley Cuddy said…
We just asked them to comment... it's was their decision not to.

No campaign, just asking for their support!
Anonymous said…
to Cambstreasure the RSPCA is broke , morally that is (not when it comes to the hundreds of millions it has stored in the bank) it comes out against many of the dogs world, is wanting to ban shows and refusing to work with breed rescues, attacking the Kennel club (they didn’t even bother to read the last breed changes without slagging them off, they persecute people who need help (how many elderly people have been taken to court when all they needed was help?) to care for their pets. Yes they are broke and now is time to break it all up and rebuild and get back to helping animals not building big head offices, seeking celebrity endorsements and more TV programmes and having pre set political agendas. Yes it is broke so fix it!!
Christina S said…
I think those campaigning against this ad (in the face of jeers from some, indifference from others, and the apparent failure of John Lewis to grasp the point) are doing a brilliant job - don't give up saying what you're saying.

I've been a dog owner since last year and my relationship with my dog has changed my life. Amazing how you can change and grow as a person when a dog comes into your life, although I'm sure that isn't news to most people here!

When I first saw the John Lewis ad, I admit the significance of what I was looking at didn't immediately hit me. The reason is that I've been brought up the same way as most people in the UK - with that cultural image of a dog in a kennel, its "happy" doggy home in the garden. It's not that I noticed it, and thought it was OK. It's that it didn't even impinge on my thoughts when that image of a dog in a kennel came on tv. That's what's scary about it. It's subliminally reinforcing the idea of a dog being OK in a kennel out in the cold. When you look again and take it in however, it's not hard to see something really isn't right.

Just as we now know it's not OK to let your dog wander about the streets anymore where it could be hit by traffic etc (this wasn't the case not so long ago)we need it to impinge on the national consciousness that dogs aren't actually OK out in all weathers in a kennel in the garden.

Thanks Beverley, Dog's Trust, and all others who are pursuing this. Let's hope that at the very least, this debate in the public arena will at least cause some to look again, and learn more about how dogs should be properly cared for.
Anonymous said…
Totally agree - that advert is crap - meant to be heartwarming and gets it totally wrong. Shame on John Lewis, shame on the RSPCA. I am a dedicated DT fan and they have not let me down!
Anonymous said…
The RSPCA seem to be suffering from their recent actions and comments .... they were collecting door to door in my neck of the woods, first time ever I have known that.

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