John lewis - seems their song has two tunes...

After yesterday's excitement that seemed to imply John Lewis had listened and reacted it seems that was an illusion. 
Today they are saying they always intended to show 30 second versions of the advert from after this weekend...
They'll be showing their full length advert that glamourises neglect prime time during X-factor.
So folks, time for another push?
Their stock answers to complaints show they continue to trivialise this issue.
They are trying to focus on the lack of suffering on set, refusing to acknowledge that what they are selling is a lifestyle where it is acceptable to keep dogs outside in an open shed in all weathers.
So yet again - here are all the places to complain:
"Isn't it funny,
this feeling inside...
our dog who loved us,
was so cold that it died."

If you dislike this advert you can make your feelings known via a petition:
and a dedicated facebook page:

On Twitter: @elliegoulding @johnlewisretail

To complain to the Advertising Standards Association click here
To complain in other ways:
John Lewis
Helen Dickinson, Head of Press and PR
Tel: 020 7592 6222
Louise Cooper, Senior Manager, Corporate, Digital and Branch PR
Tel: 020 7592 6223

The agency who made the advert is -
on Twitter ironically: @AandE

To email direct to John Lewis click here 

A dog is for life - not just for leaving in a shed for Christmas


Anonymous said…
Shame on John Lewis.

I admired the “Dog Trust” announcing they are against the advert but surprised the RSPCA said nothing. It’s time for the RSPCA and ALL animal welfare organisations/charities/rescues and animal lovers to unite and step up together to show the likes of John Lewis that it’s unacceptable.

The RSPCA advert of abandoned dogs should be shown straight after the John Lewis advert to shame them.
Anonymous said…
Why am i not suprised the rspca have not said anything there is no money in it for them. allthough that dog in real life is kept indoors there are thousands of dogs who are not i live in ireland and used to run a rescue here we had dogs come into us that were scared to come into the house

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