Happy Christmas the war is over!

At last, here is the email from John Lewis which means the dreadful advert with the dog in the cold will NEVER run again!

Congratulations to everyone who complained, joined the facebook page, signed the petition, retweeted, phoned in to a radio station...
Well done and respect to Dogs Trust and The Mayhew Animal Home for sticking up for all dogs and putting out really strong passionate complaints where other charities where let's say a bit flakey. And to Border Collie Rescue UK for getting involved and making it clear that even dogs that can work shouldn't be left out in the cold.
Well done to Julie Hill for setting up the fast growing facebook campaign page that attracted 2,500 or more people and a handful of trolls! Well done to Muriel Brasseur for getting involved and keeping the peace on the page allowing Julie time to occasionally eat and sleep!
Together dog people are awesome, they didn't listen so we all just kept talking...
As of today there were almost on 300 complaints to ASA. Would they have ruled against the ad? Will we ever know?

Give your dog and hug and please stay warm!

This email is short and the magic word 'sorry' isn't one of the 33 words - but it's still the best email I've had for simply ages!! The earlier one said it would run to December 18th so this is a U-turn no matter how reluctant they are to admit it.

Hi Beverley

The 60-second ad with the dog will not be repeated. Its last showing was on Sunday evening. The two 30-second ads are proving popular with viewers.

Best wishes

Louise Cooper
Senior Manager, Corporate, Digital & Branch PR
John Lewis


TheEejits said…
Woooo Hoooo! COngratulations to ALL the campaigners!

Ppppppppupppppy Power!!!! :)

A very merry Christmas to you all and all your furry ones!
Anonymous said…
Well Done everyone!!
Unknown said…
Well done. Fantastic result.
Netty1969 said…
Well done everyone!
Well done everyone who had their say.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Anonymous said…
Indeed well done to all who encouraged JL to see the bad marketing ploy. What a great shame they don't have the decency to apologise and dare I say, make a statement declaring that leaving a dog in the manner of the ad is cruel and illegal.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant news!!! Well done to everyone involved. It was hard work over on the FaceBook page but perseverance paid off! The admins were stars who gave up hours of their time. What a terse email from JL though!
Anonymous said…
brilliant news......now for all of you in the mood to campaign.......please support the save lennox facebook page AND the save lennox website. THANK YOU
Christina S said…
Result! Brilliant news! Well done all!
Chapstaff said…
At last - sense has prevaled. It got JL lots of publicity of course.....!
Yes - it was a VERY terse email wasn't it.
Claire M said…
A fantastic result to all those who worked tirelessly, in the TRUE spirit of Christmas!! Isn't it astounding that the ad. got as far as our screens, given (presumably) the large number of very experienced marketing people who must have been involved? I agree with anonymous no 2 - a statement from JL at some point during the edited ad. would have been the most professional conclusion, and been a big help in restoring our faith in them. Still, I bet they don't make the same mistake twice!!

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