For those that care about showing they care

We've just launched some Just Giving pages to support the charities which bravely spoke out on behalf of the dog and helped persuade John Lewis to ditch the advert that glamourised neglect.

Please click these links to be taken to the special Just Giving pages we've just set up/

Dogs Trust



To donate to Border Collie Rescue UK click here  

(Border Collie Rescue aren't yet registered on Just Giving but have another charity collection site).

Mike from Border Collie Rescue UK just pointed my 'yet' in the above sentence wasn't correct as they are not likely to ever join the scheme. They did consider having a Just Giving account but they prefer the charity collection site they use as it doesn't charge as much commission as Just Giving. By 7am this morning they have received an impressive £87.50 including Gift Aid so far, so well done everyone for donating!

Let's reward those that care about showing they care...


Anonymous said…
An excellent idea,thanks to these charities, & shame on the biggest , richest animal welfare charity RSPCA , who sat on the fence as usual & chose not to use its enormous influence & resources to speak out for the dogs
Chapstaff said…
Well done to them all for caring. That costs nothing.

Gave a small amount to Tailwaggers.

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