Too late for the magazine...

....But I'm printing it here - not my words!

Now with how to enter details - see end of message

This competition is open to everyone and Beverley Cuddy Editor of DOGS TODAY magazine will have the hard job of judging the winners for us.

The competition will start 8pm Dec 6th and finish at 6pm Dec 14th. The winners will be announced at 8pm on Dec 15th.

Each category will cost you £2.50 to enter. Once entered you can add as many pictures as you like. They must be of your pets only. Sorry no humans. They can be funny, fancy dressed what ever you like.

They must all contain their name age, how long you have owned them & a brief little background about them (ie; likes dislike funny traits etc about them.)

We have included a section for best foster dog as sadly they are not often allowed to enter competition as they are usually for owners dogs so we thought we would give them a chance to shine.

Categories are :

1) Best 4Pawz Rescue
2) Best Other / Rescue
3) Best foster dog.

The winners of each section will receive 3 months free subscription to Dogs Today & free goodie bag from us for their pet.

Finally we will have Futures for Dogs Dog of the Year. This will be where Beverley will have her work cut out. He /She will be chosen from all the homed rescues dogs that have been entered and will be winning their owner & themselves :
12 months free subscription for Dogs Today (three month will be void should they win twice.) Futures for Dog T shirt, Mug and a goodie bag of treats & Toys.

The comp is being held on our web site Any one wishing to enter must post their pictures on the site .Comp does not start though till 6th Dec. We do however have a fun free caption comp going at the moment should any one wish to enter for free!


Chris Shepherd said…
It is quite possible that I can't see for looking, but I can't find a link to the competition.
Beverley Cuddy said…
No you are correct - we're rushing around trying to find out the missing info! Sorry!

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