Mayhew speak out about the John Lewis advert

Many thanks for your email. Here is the response from our CEO, Caroline

"The Mayhew Animal Home was very surprised and really disappointed to see the new John Lewis Christmas advert ending with a dog left outside in blizzard conditions, with very limited shelter. We can appreciate the sentiment shown of the dog being given a present by the little boy, but that would have been better inside the home, within a cosy, family atmosphere. With the advert ending as it did, it sent the message that keeping an animal in such conditions is acceptable and this, of course, is something we, as an animal welfare organisation deem totally unacceptable. With John Lewis recently cited as the 'most influential' British brand by a YouGov and Populus study and promoting the image of being a forward-thinking, socially responsible company, this error of judgement needs to be corrected immediately."

Click here for their website.


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