Cross question time

Now last month you were so very hot at guessing the cross that we didn't even go to one clue.

I suspect you'll definitely be stumped by this one - I didn't get either parent in my first ten guesses! Send you best guesses to First correct winner gets a book of your choice - so please specify which breed you'd like it to be about or if you'd prefer a generic dog book instead.
Clues tomorrow - think you're going to need them!

One parent's breed name is associated with a protest involving a hot beverage, the other comes in two types one of which might be found on a lady's dressing table.


Anonymous said…
Coton De Tulear x Yorkie???

Corgi x Westie ???
Beverley Cuddy said…
Keep trying - new clue issued!
Anonymous said…
Boston Terrier x Chinese Crested
Beverley Cuddy said…
Wow Karen - that was speedy! You are the winner.

Can you email with your name, address and what type of book you'd like - if a breed book, which breed! Or do say if you'd like a generic dog book.
Anonymous said…
Wow well done I thought Westie x Corgie but would never have said Boston and Chinese crested!! You certainly know your dog's!!

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