Cv247 gets its own blog

I've just set up a new blog that is going to be dedicated to CV247 - this gentle cancer treatment alternative invented by the late John Carter.
I'm hoping to persuade some people just starting out on the treatment to give us regular updates. It was always a huge comfort to talk to other people in John Carter's waiting room and share tips on diet etc. The new blog is meant to give all these people our virtual support. Jake is the first dog's story to appear and if you check I've also included links to all the stories shared on this blog already by previous patients.
We've also just finished an article on CV247 which will be published in the April issue of Dogs Today out early March.
Here's the new address - just click here


Until canine distemper vaccine became available in the 1950’s, this viral illness was widespread and widely responsible for fatal illness in pet dogs. Now, vaccination against distemper is routine, and the vaccine is reliable and easily obtained as well as low in cost.
Thanks to the wide availability and acceptance of effective vaccines, distemper has practically been eliminated from the dog world.
Interesting information! I really car for my pet. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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