Everyone's buying a Patrick Burns this year

What will be the must have item at this year's Crufts? Sadly, not this.

Bags from Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Lauren always look like copies even if you've pawned the family silver to buy real ones. And what do these items say about the purchaser? Nothing intelligent - they're often just designs made up of someone else's initials.
Why not buy a bag that actually says something.
A piece from the new Patrick Burns evolutionary collection won't cost the earth, but the message it conveys may change the dog world!
And if you click here you can order this design on T-shirts and mugs, too. Plus there's this other one, too...

Still wondering what to wear at the NEC next week? And should you be worried that the clothes won't arrive in time for Crufts Patrick has very kindly provided a free download option so you can get the design run out on any garment of your choice free of charge at your nearest Tshirt shop.

If you want any more lifestyle pointers or to download the artwork check out Patrick Burns (also known as Terrierman), here's a link to his excellent blog.


Anonymous said…
I respect the man for most of what he says, but his strong disdain for any breed that wasn't created to work makes him grate on the nerves of someone like me who actually prefers companion breeds.

His ridiculously ignorant tirade against hairless dogs made his biases pretty clear. Reading his wild accusations against genetics he completely misunderstood pretty much cured me from taking what he says without a grain of salt from now on. He is fantastic at collecting relevant data, but far from infallible at interpreting it.

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