Strictly Comes to Crufts?

Now I am scratching my head to try to remember why I compared Crufts to Strictly Come Dancing! I guess both have a certain amount of glamour and glitz - but the point I was making was that no one really suffers as a result of SCD. Unless you think the celebs get a bit of a hard time from the judges or we all suffer from Brucie's bad jokes!
I was having a lovely chat to John Walsh from the Independent that seemed to go on for hours and I'd relaxed and I'd almost forgotten I might be quoted. Ruth Padell, (the brilliant poet and Darwin relative) had been reading Dogs Today's coverage of the post-Pedigree-Dogs-Exposed world and had urged John to write a column on Crufts.
I was just meant to be setting the scene for him and as it's my pet subject -but I might have gone on rather a lot!
He's ended up almost writing a book - today's Independent has literally gone to the dogs.
Here's a link. John's immersed himself in the doggie world and done lots of research. I think it's a great piece. He can see the beauty in the dogs as can I, people imagine I am somehow anti-pedigree dog - but it's my love of all our precious breeds that makes me want to protect them so passionately.
But do go and get the paper as the photos are very good, too and you don't really see that online. And it's a paper that deserves our support, it really is a breath of fresh air. Which is what we should all want all dogs to be able to enjoy without impairment.


Anonymous said…
That was a fab article although some of the comments show just how hard this change is going to be.

Beverley can I throw a gauntlet down at you?
I would like for the next Cold Wet Nose show ( which I can't wait to attend ) to be based on the work ethic. Dogs to be there doing working trials - there are loads of working trials associations that I am sure would love to enter such a all encompassing olympics of dog tests. For those breed groups that don't have a 'job' they can do a basic test involving meeting people and basic manners test to show how good a companion dog they are.
This for me would be a dream come true and if anyone could do it I am sure you can

Beverley Cuddy said…
Sadly we're not doing the Cold Wet Nose this year - we've been hoping to secure TV coverage and tie down the sponsorship, but it's got too close to call - but we're hoping to do it next year.

But I agree would be great to highlight the practical skills of dogs and celebrate the job that most dogs have today - that of being a much loved pet. That has always been our ethos to remind everyone how brilliant dogs can be.


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