A history of spinning

Do watch this classic footage from 24 years ago that shows that the KC were still spinning away and making inconsequential tweaks to breed standards all those years ago in response to hard to ignore criticisms! And look at that Bulldog and then look at the modern ones on the Pedigree Dogs Exposed clips from a couple of blogs ago. That 1980s breed standard revision certainly didn't help did it? The 1980s dog looks if anything much healthier - although the sound of him trying to breathe under the studio lights still disturbs me a great deal.
And wasn't Simon the vet ahead of his time!


Anonymous said…
Interesting isn't it, how come the story is the same all these years later despite the technological advances. I did note though that the bulldog that was so terrible then is in better shape than the ones just 24 years later.

Mutthouse xx

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