Work is white out of the question

I expect many of you have awoken to a blanket of snow. The kids' school is closed so they are now climbing the walls and none of the Dogs Today crew were able to get through the snow to work so the office is unmanned and the answerphone is having to take the strain, should you be wondering where we all are!
I'd like to report that the dogs are loving it, but they went out once and came straight back in ASAP. The kitchen is like a swimming pool. All the little snow balls concealed in Oscar's coat have started to melt! Thought Beardies were meant to be rugged Scottish dogs, don't see how he'd survive in snow - he grew to twice the size in minutes!
Stay warm, stay safe - guess this is pretty much an unofficial holiday for everyone.
If you get bored with daytime TV do have a go at answering some of the problems on the Think Tank.


Anonymous said…
I work from home and my daughter is home educated - no day off for us worse luck!
Know what you mean about long coats - our Bichon just gets coated with rock hard snowballs and we have to thaw her with a hairdryer. My Lab loves it though, and has had a very exciting morning!
Stay safe and warm,
Julie x

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