Do you want one?

There's a new bit in the magazine this month that has a dimension that some readers may have missed.
Each month we have a double page spread highlighting interesting products called "I want one!" And each month one lucky person will win one of all of the goodies featured.
How easy is that!

So if you'd like a new bed, a ramp for your swimming pool or boat , a clever bowl that slows eating down, a sparkly head collar and a clever disk that repels fleas and ticks for two years, read on!
And if you have an unusual product that you'd like to feature in this section in the future phone Terry or Craig on 01276 858880 or email

You just need to send your name and address to : I want one! Dogs Today, Town Mill, Bagshot Rd, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8BZ to arrive before March 5th 2009 when we will pick one lucky winner, here's what you can win:


WHY: Does your dog eat too fast? If so, you're bound to be worried by the risks of indigestion, vomiting and, in more serious cases, bloat. The Brake-Fast bowl,with its three obstructions, is the ideal solution to slow down your dog's eating and thus reduce these risks. The patented design simply does not allow dogs to bolt their food; aggressive feeders will find the bowl sliding away. Vet tested and recommended, the Brake-Fast bowl comes in three sizes.
PRICE: Small £14, medium £15, large £16
THE PRIZE: One bowl of any size to suit your dog
CONTACT: 0161 727 9259


WHY: Do you have a swimming pool? If so, you will certainly have worried about your pet possibly falling in and not being able to get out. Fencing and gates are all very well, but accidents happen! The Skamper-Ramp is new on the UK market and offers peace of mind not for only pet owners, but anyone who worries about wild animals falling into the pool. It fits every type of pool, and is also suitable for boats and marinas. Lightweight and sturdy, UV- and chemical-resistant, the Skamper-Ramper is manufactured in white, a colour that all creatures can see.

PRICE: €89 plus €5 delivery
THE PRIZE: One Skamper-Ramp
CONTACT: 01273 573859


WHY: Because all dogs attract the occasional unwelcome visitor! CatanDog's is a unique, natural product that has a 95 per cent success rate in repelling fleas and ticks from your dog or cat for up to two years. It is a 2.5cm disc that attaches to the animal's collar and uses the earthly magnetic field to produce electromagnetic and scalar waves to repel parasites. Non-toxic, water-resistant, containing no chemicals and requiring no battery, the CatanDog's is a natural answer to an age-old problem, and is suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds and ages, including sick and pregnant animals.
PRICE: Please send cheque for £28.75 ( inc. p & p) payable to NTTL Ltd.
THE PRIZE: One CatanDog's disc
CONTACT: NTTL Ltd, 5 Jardine Court, Church Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 1FX. Tel: 01494 601000


WHY: A headcollar is a very useful and popular item, but it has to be admitted they can look a tad boring! New from Dogmatic is the award-winning, leather-lined and very effective model with a choice of three types of 'bling' embedded into the noseband - truly a 'Dazzling' alternative! The Dogmatic Dazzler comes in black/silver with clear rhinestones, brown/brass with pale pink rhinestones, or black/silver with a silver metal pattern. The rhinestones offer the added advantage of reflecting the light. A product fit for a princess - available in sizes 3, 3L and 4.
PRICE: £28.50
THE PRIZE: One Dogmatic Dazzler of your choice
CONTACT: 01652 657922

WHY: All dogs deserve a comfy bed, and all owners deserve one that looks good and is easy to care for. The Faux Leather Dog Bed from Pet Beds & Baskets is an all-round winner. Its deep 10cm polyester fleece padding means it's utter luxury for your dog, and the bed can be cleaned simply by a wipe with a damp cloth, which is easy for you! This classic style will complement any room. The cover is removable, and has an easy-care nylon base. The bed is available in two sizes - 90cm x 65cm and 110cm x 80cm.
PRICE: The smaller costs £43.99 and the larger £57.99
THE PRIZE: One 90cm x 65cm bed, to fit a dog up to Labrador size
CONTACT: 01634 222380


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