Are you free on Friday at 10am?

Could you get to Slough?
We have a photoshoot on Friday and someone has just pulled out of the first slot - bummer!
Ideally I would love to find via this blog a heelwork to music person to take the slot so we can work on a very visual article on how to start dancing with your dog at home - much in the style as our very popular "how to do agility in your back garden" series.

I realise this is very short notice and while I was lucky stumbling on a petfood mogul via this blog, can I really find a a budding journalist in the heelwork to music field? We'll help you with the writing and the planning if you're not confident! And if you can't make Friday, never mind we do the shoots every six weeks! Please pass the word on and if poss cross post so the dancing people get to hear about this!
So, barring a doggie dancer with Friday free, is there anyone out there who thinks there dog is cover material who can make their way to sunny Slough this Friday? You get to keep the gorgeous photography as well as see your dog in the mag - can't promise cover position as it all depends if we get THE shot on the day, but you'll definitely see your dog in print. You get a doggie bag and it takes a remarkably short period of time. We get brilliant results with rewards (chicken and bacon usually) and if necessary people holding onto dog's bums if they won't do a sit stay! Only concern - please don't volunteer dogs that are flash phobic as they'll hate it.
Could your dog be on our front cover?

We've already got Labradoodles, Boston Terriers and Bolognese coming - sorry - so unless you're a dancer with one of those breeds who wants to teach others - can we have other breeds or types please! We love putting pups on our cover - so please do get in contact if you've got a pup at the cute stage - don't miss getting a pic to treasure.
You get a CD of images to keep that you can use in breed books, adverts in Dog World annual etc. And you'll be having a session with Tim Rose - probably the best dog photographer in the world!
This offer is open for a limited period only - we must fill our 10am slot - so don't be shy - get in touch ASAP! Ideally describe your dog if you can't send a pic and what makes him or her gorgeous!


Em said…
Mollie's gorgeous... but I'm not sure about coming all the way to Slough - I don't think she'd be at her best for the cameras - shame.

hey ho. Good luck with the search!!
Chapstaff said…
Damn - can't make Friday. Don't know any doggy dancers I'm afraid, but I do own a very cute Staffie pup. Wish I could make it.
crazydiamond said…

I live in High Wycombe so could get to Slough on the bus on Friday. This would mean I would only be able to bring my lovely bitsa boy, Mr Trevor and not any of my Danes - they wont let them on the bus. I might be able to wangle a lift though.
Mr Trevor does know a few freestyle moves and tricks but we are in the early stages. I will be teaching Mr T myself. We are hoping to be lucky enough to have a session with Richard Curtis in Dec at an evening he is doing in London.

Beverley Cuddy said…
The power of the blog is mighty - I'm in talks with the perfect person to do this dancing series! (Fingers firmly crossed!) Watch this space. We are not yet sure she can make it on Friday - so we may still have a space for a gorgeous dog and Mr Trevor does sounds rather lovely! Can you email me a pic? Dancing isn't an essential - but being cute is (but I have to say there are very few dogs I don't find cute!)
Linda Ward said…
Hi Beverley,

I'm an internet writer, my dog is so gorgeous he's going to Discover Dogs in November to compete for Most Handsome Dog, and he does some dancing moves - although have to admit we're at the beginning of our training, so still shaping behaving using the clicker. But we can get to Slough for 10am.

Beverley Cuddy said…
Mina - can you email me a pic - what type of dog is your handsome fellow?
Linda Ward said…
He's a crossbreed, and I've sent some photos of him across to you.

Beverley Cuddy said…
Well Mr Trevor and his large friend are rather gorgeous, too. Still trying to find a phone number for the Doggie dancing Lady so not yet sure if we have a slot to fill or not - sorry folks!
Becs said…
I am a puppy socialiser for Dogs for the Disabled (I'm on my 6th pup) and my current pup, a 5 month old black lab bitch, loves to dance!
So far she has learnt to weave, twist, sidestep, rollover and do figure of eights, but we are self-taught and I would welcome any hints!
She can also empty the washing machine, close doors and undo my zip and pull of my jacket.
She is a smart cookie and very pretty and we would love to appear in a photo shoot. I think we could get to Slough on Friday (even though I loath notorway driving!!)

Beverley Cuddy said…
If we don't hear back from our music person by 12 (it's looking likely she can't make it) we'd like to invite Mina's dog, Mr Trevor and Becs Lab all to attend. Can you email your contact details to so she can email you maps etc. We'd like to start a little earlier at 9.30 so we can fit you all in - hope that's okay - Julia will give you all an exact arrival time - but it'll be in the window 9.30 to 10.20.

Look forward to meeting you and thanks for volunteering!
Unknown said…
What a shame I missed this, didn't realise you had a blog, great reading. Would have liked to have done a doggy dancing piece - Cas has now gone Advanced in Freestyle (and I think through to the Crufts Semis), Rum has now moved up into Novice HTM and is not even 2 yrs yet :-) Have just started studying a foundation degree in canine behaviour and training which is fab! Have some HTM bits on my blog as well as agility bits. Videos too.

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