Some good news

A couple of blogs ago (when we first mentioned the Hull Skoda garage carnage) Rosie, our magazine's designer, included a comment about an elderly stray dog her sister had found on Saturday.
I make no excuses for re-running it here...
"We've had a similar situation this weekend. My sis rescued a very old crossbreed that was running in a main road on Saturday morning. She picked him up and put him in the boot then drove to us for advice. We advised her to take him to a vet to see if he was chipped and then report him at the police station. The vet was great. The dog (now called Lucky Clover by her kids!) has a severe heart murmur and very bad teeth - he also appears to be stone deaf.
"When she went to the police station she spoke to someone through an intercom who said there was no-one there who could help and she advised my sis to, "just let him go," as the dog warden couldn't be contacted till Monday.
"What sort of advice is that? On talking to someone at a local rescue who take in strays in conjuction with the local dog warden, this advice is commonly given if the warden is not on duty - even though they know she is willing to take in any strays.
"Quite apart from the risk of death or injury to the poor dog, there's the serious risk of him causing an accident - unbelievable.
"Lucky Clover is staying with my sis for the time being and has now been reported to a different police station and his details posted on"

Lucky Clover with Rosie's niece and nephew

Well Lucky Clover has lived up to his name. He's just been reunited with his heartbroken owner who has loved him for 17 years.
I just fret that the owner of the Hull Skoda dog may still be searching for their lost dog. Having had one of my dogs go missing for several days (dogsitter left two gates open... long story) - every time I see a dog running scared in traffic, my stomach turns over.


Melisa Wells said…
What a great ending to that story!!! It's a shame they can't all end that way...

Chapstaff said…
That's great news. Especially for an oldie like that.

I can't believe a police spokesperson suggested letting the poor dog loose to roam & maybe cause an accident. I really, really hope the owners will complain to the police commission in very strong terms

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