Have you seen this dog?

Just had a call from a very distraught owner - her Shih Tzu went missing in Chobham, Surrey yesterday. It's a mainly black dog, very friendly, touch of white. She's microchipped but not wearing a collar.
I don't yet have much detail, she was out looking when she called and the signal was poor. But I gather the dog was in her boutique in the Glass House on the Bagshot Rd, Chobham and then she just wasn't there. It's a very busy road and there's a suspicion she may have been stolen.
Vets, police and dog wardens are alerted. But if anyone hears anything please let me know and I'll let her know. We'll have our eyes peeled as we're in Chobham but if you know anyone else in this area please ask them to have a good look for this little lost dog. Fingers crossed - am about to post for her on Doglost - any other suggestions?
Owner's mobile is 07771574879. Just spoken to Dog Lost and they are wonderful! Can't praise them enough!


Chapstaff said…
Looked (& posted) on Dog lost, she's not been found yet. The owner could also use:

Missing Pets Bureau


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