Tomorrow is a new day

We're moving office again tomorrow. No, we don't have a touch of gypsy in our soul. We just have an office that floods.
Tomorrow we return to Town Mill and watching the skies with trepidation. Two floods in a year make the next flood a case of 'when' not 'if'.
It'll be our fourth office relocation in two years. We're getting rather good at it.
And flash floods do tend to eventually train you not to leave your important stuff on the floor.
While packing I spoke today to someone new at the Sunday Times, I mentioned the Skoda story. Wouldn't it be great if it did get picked up by the paper, for the issue to be debated - who knows maybe that poor little dog's life being taken so casually might actually change something for other stray dogs.
We're working on a major feature on what happens to strays these days. If you have ever been given the advice to let a stray dog go, please can you get in touch so we can share your story?
Dogs Today was lucky and someone very kind took us in when we were homeless. From what we hear stray dogs are not usually so lucky if they happen to go missing outside office hours - or happen upon a Skoda dealership in Hull of course.


Designing Fairy said…
Beverley, just found Dogs Today magazine at our nearby Barnes and Noble in Arizona, USA! I was anxiously waiting, as Lorraine Chittock's article featured more work as an animal communicator. Beautiful article! Thank you so much. (If you need any essays or articles on animal communication, let me know!)-- Ronni
Beverley Cuddy said…
Good old Barnes and Noble. Wish we had better availability in the States. Are we very expensive compared to US dog mags?
It was a lovely article by Lorraine and what you do is really fascinating.
Designing Fairy said…
Thanks Beverley. Dogs USA here was about $10.00. Most mags are around $7. The October issue took a long time to hit the stands here, but it was worth waiting to see my name in print and Bruiser happy and in Lorraine's arms. :)

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