Just when you thought there was nothing left to invent....

Yes, I know it looks like a dog with its foot stuck in a jug, but read on ...

... you get an enticing email from New Zealand from someone who has heard a whisper of a thrilling new product just launched in America that could be the answer to everyone's muddy paw prayers!
I've got excited before - but it's rare. I'll admit the automatic poop scooper did get my pulse racing. It bagged the poos before they hit the ground - however it did look alarmingly like fetish wear, but innovators are often laughed at before they are celebrated. I still maintain that one day soon all dogs will probably be wearing them.
Hsin-Yi Cohen - one of our contributors (regular DT readers will know the name, you know - the one with the Great Dane that dances) had spotted the Paw Plunger and thought I'd be excited so emailed straight away.
I was.
Christine who does our accounts (and also our reader offers) emailed the Paw Plunger people to tell them I was excited.
When Paw Plunger inventor herself Brianne Leary emailed us straight back I was ecstatic. Two Paw Plunger's are now on the way to us and they will not arrive a moment too soon for our kitchen floor, carpets and soft furnishings.
So what is a Paw Plunger I probably hear you ask?
Brianne owns Lulu - a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.
She lives in New York just off Central Park. Or rather Central Park used to come home with her on a regular basis on wet days, hence needing to invent the Paw Plunger.
Imagine a mini car wash, in a big jug. You fill it with warm water and instead of walking your muddy pawed dog through the house to the bathroom when you just need to wash his paws - you just dip each paw in turn into the Paw Plunger and dry with a towel. Genius!
I'm having one of them obviously, my need is great and you don't get that many perks being editor of a dog mag - but if you have the muddiest dog in Britain we'd like you to test out the other one for us!
Send me a picture of your paw print problems and the most deserving gets to try the Paw Plunger before it gets into the shops.
So remember this day - I predict there'll soon be a Paw Plunger in every doggie house. But then again I was wrong about the automatic poop scooper...

For more info on the Paw plunger visit their website
(There's a really sweet video on the site of Lulu getting all muddy in Central Park and then taking the plunge. And by the way, the St Bernard at the top is the Paw Plunger Owner of the Month - in case you were still wondering why we had a picture of a dog with a jug stuck on its foot!)


Chapstaff said…
Brilliant product - I think.

I'll wait for a report back from you & the winner Beverley.

Love the video, what a gorgeous pooch.

Great motto too:
"Cleanliness is next to Dogliness" Hahahaha

Look forward to seeing some muddy floor pics
I can't wait for the review! It looks enormous in the video though....
Beverley Cuddy said…
Brianne tells me there will be a whole range of sizes available shortly!
Ahh - that sounds sensible...
Wendy & Caesar said…
Well, it does look a lot less messy than the old washing up bowl on the floor routine, but just imagine when the other half comes home worse for wear and fills it from the fridge!
jenny said…
could you tell me where I can buy a paw plunger in the UK. I'll be blowed if I can find one.

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