Cross question

Photo of Wilbur submitted by Michelle Ainsworth, S Yorks

Can you guess which two breeds produced Wilbur? The first correct entry will win either a specific breed book or a general book on dogs courtesy of Interpet publishing - you choose.

To date almost everyone postally got one of the parents correct - but the other ingredient proved elusive.

I will be giving progressively easier and easier clues in the next 24 hours we want this competition won!

Clue 1: The elusive ingredient may share its origins with a TV cook.
Clue 2: When West meets East (Anglia)

More later....


dodger said…
westie cross norwich terrier
Anonymous said…
can i guess more than 1??

okay norwich x westie
westie x border terrier
westie x staffy
westie x wheaton
Lucy said…
Is a Norfolk terrier different to a Norwich???

If so my guess is Norfolk x Westie!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Dodger - you are the winner!
Can you email me your address ( - if you want a breed book please tell us what breed.

Well done!
Chapstaff said…
Well done Dodger

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