Competition time again!

With the postal problems we know people will struggle to enter our competitions by post this issue. So we're opening up the caption and cross question comps to the blog extra early this issue. If we don't get a correct answer on the cross we'll issue clues on the close date November 1st.
Here's the caption pic....

Photo submitted by Mark & Lynn Leach, Glos

One lucky winner gets a complete set of grooming products, including shampoos conditioner, wipes and brush courtesy of John Paul Pet - worth nearly £100! (for more details see their website ). Five runners up get a shampoo, pot of wipes and a brush from the John Paul Pet Products range.

And here's the cross question:
Holly is owned by Janet Frid of Staffs

Guess which two breeds combined to make Holly. The first correct winner gets the choice of either a breed-specific book or a general book about dogs from the Interpet Publishing range.

Send your entries for both to:

I'll be back with clues on November 1st if the cross question prize isn't won - we haven't had a correct answer by post yet - no one has even got one of the parents right yet!!! It is a pretty hard one this month.

Go on, have a go!

And if you haven't yet emailed all your doggie friends about the Hull Skoda horror story which is the subject of the last two blogs - please do.


sprollie_chops said…
Hmmmmm - Wheaten terrier or Irish terrier x sheltie or corgi???
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, miniature schnauzer cross Yorkie, Jack Russell or Poodle?????

Anonymous said…
miniture schnauzer cross cairn terrier?
Anonymous said…
Miniature schnauzer x sheltie ??

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