What are the best doggie forums?

I'm a member of three very lively forums - dfordog, dogclub and the UK Labradoodle Association. I'm guessing there are many more out there.
When something like the Skoda Hull fiasco happens it would be great to be able to tell all dog lovers something really quickly and get them to all complain and show unity.
If you are a member of any other doggie forums could you copy and paste this message and see if we can get something done about changing this trend for people (even the police!) to think it is acceptable to let lost dogs go after they have been found.
If you're on a great doggie forum, can you leave a comment here, a sort of mini review and tell us how easy it is to join? I got excluded from a show dog forum when I tried to join - so I can't communicate with the show people on this sort of topic - which is a great shame as hopefully we all love dogs and they'd want to know! So if you're on any show dog lists - please cross post this appeal. People spend far too long worrying about differences instead of looking at the common ground. We all love dogs.
Any of our dogs could have been the dog that died in Hull.

Requiem for a lost dog
Please read the blog:
and the subsequent ones which gives the details of who to complain to.

The callous actions of the staff of the Skoda dealership in Hull caused the needless death of a lost dog. We feel Skoda should issue a formal apology to all their doggie customers, who will be appalled by their actions.
Please read the blog and register your disapproval with the Skoda press office – plus if possible contact Top Gear and The One Show (http://www.bbc.co.uk/theoneshow/contact/ideas.shtml) who we have asked to cover this item and to name and shame the Hull dealership. Human lives could have been taken, too had someone swerved or run into the road to save this poor frightened dog.
We are also alarmed that two days later another blog reader was advised by the police ‘to just let go’ the elderly lost dog they had found wandering. They didn’t and the 17 year dog has now been reunited with his loving owner. But how many other people would do what the police advised?
What price a life?
Is a Skoda for the scrapheap and not the dog lover?
And are all police now advising finders to release stray dogs into traffic at weekends?


Anonymous said…
Not a genereal forum as such, but www.doglost.co.uk is a great site with lots of proactive comments from members/helpers all trying to find lost dogs and reunite them with their owners. If we could get as many people as possible to register as helpers (it's free to join) then the likelihood of success would be much improved. When a dog is reported missing Doglost emails posters to all helpers in the local area for them to put up quickly and help in the search if they are able. I spoke to Jayne on the phone who was SO helpful. She might be able to post a news item perhaps - I'm sure all their helpers would voice their disapproval with Skoda!
Flowerpot said…
I also contacted the One Show so hopefully that will get the message across. Hull local television might be worth trying?
alfmcmalf said…
I, the proud owner of a designer dog, enjoy posting on boards where the very mention of the names Berverley Cuddy and Emma Milne inspires fireworks. Well it helps to brighten up a dull day. I will start a new thread over there and see what reaction I get. Afterall this is the type of issue that should unite the dog world. Wish me luck.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Bless you - go safely! I've just been eaten alive on a Skoda forum!
Anonymous said…
I've contacted Skoda in Hull and centrally, and the BBC.

If you need any other contacts please let me know as I have a database of a million journalists at my disposal if necessary.

I'm not really up on the forum side of things I'm afraid...
Beverley Cuddy said…
Have you got a decent contact for Top Gear and the regional BBC and ITV for Slough? Could you give them a prod?

I never knew there was a forum for Skoda owners... they gave me a very hard time! It's interesting talking to people who aren't necc dog lovers. In the main they were sympathetic to the dealership! One dog lover said they'd be upset if it had been their dog it happened to, but I was fighting a losing battle! Quite depressing it was!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Slough - where did that come from - of course I meant to say Hull!
Ems said…
The Refuge is a good forum... this has been linked back to from www.saddle-up.org.uk, another good forum although primarily horsey.

Ill pop a linky on www.victoriastilwell.com which I mod/manage as well.

Just a thought but doesnt the law deem the adult in charge of the animal as liable for the accident.... and the skoda dealership person agreed to take the dog, thereby agreeing to be responsible.....

Can we see where I'm going with this... allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place, liable for accident caused, possibly liable for causing unecessary suffering...

The law works against us so much of the time regarding dogs, why cant it work FOR us this time?
Ems said…

Linky - warning, contains snark and rude words.
Donna said…

This would be a good one :)
Unknown said…
Friendliest bunch of people I have "met" on a forum
alfmcmalf said…
Sorry Beverley
Not a single response on the forum I posted on. They are all too busy spitting venom about the existence of Jackipatts and Cockerpoos.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chapstaff said…
Good point Ems:

Just a thought but doesnt the law deem the adult in charge of the animal as liable for the accident....

Sounds good to me!
Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley,

I had posted all the email addresses for relevant local contacts at the BBC, ITV and at Top Gear but realised afterwards that it wouldn't be a good idea for all blog readers to email them. We need them on-side, not bombarded by emails, so I've sent them the relevant information and your details in case they need more detail. Let me know if you want all the contacts though, and I'll email them through.

Anonymous said…
What a horrific story. We should come down on Skoda like a tonne of bricks.

www.dogsey.com is an ok doggy site, could be worth posting on there too, Beverley. I was thinking of doing it, but I shall leave it up to you, if you like.

I will also email The One Show and Top Gear.

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