Can you guess this cross?

Today is the last day for guessing what two breeds make up Quinn, a handsome cross and we have no correct ones so far.
So I'll start you off with a vague clue... mum and dad are from two different groups and both work for a living. We don't think he looks like either parent if that helps! One of the breeds is not KC recognised.
The winner gets the huge honour of winning - and also a doggie book of your choice for Interpet - either a breed book or a generic.
As we have a tight turnaround I'll be giving more clues later - so please keep checking back!
Email your best guesses to or comment here.
First correct entry wins it - multiple guesses accepted.

One of the parents has a seasonal theme. The other is more associated with the weather we get in April.

Gosh this is proving hard! NEW CLUE:
One of the breeds I own ex a breed that many Fell for but not the KC...

It's all over!
Congratulations to Jane Arden for being the first to guess Springer x Patterdale.


Anonymous said…
Pointer x Jack Russell

Beverley Cuddy said…
Sorry Kate - try again!
Jane Ardern said…
Springer Spaniel x Kelpie?
Jane Ardern said…
Springer x Fell Terrier?

Jane Ardern said…
or should I say springer x patterdale?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Congratulations Jane!

Can you email with your address and which breed book you would like - or state if you'd prefer a generic doggie book.

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