Jacob is still missing

I posted something ages ago to say to keep a look out for gorgeous Jacob, the distinctive Bracco Italiano who chased a deer on January 21st and got lost. He was in the Saffron Walden area and there have been lots of sightings - but he's still not home.
There is a blog to follow for updates, his poor owners must be exhausted. I know from personal experience you never do sleep properly when your dog is missing.
Please spread the word and keep the search alive.
Click here for the blog.
Here's some video footage, too.
Has someone in your area suddenly started walking an adult dog? Has anyone been offered a dog like this in a pub?
It may be that someone has taken this dog in thinking he's unwanted.
There is a reward of £500 for his safe return, no questions asked.
Any information relating to his whereabouts, or possible sightings please call 07828 671550

Let's all wish Jacob luck getting home as soon as possible.


Anonymous said…
HI, I'm so sorry to hear about Jacob's disappearance. I know there are animal intuitives out there that might be able to help you find him. You may not be into this kind of stuff, I understand that but if you are, get in touch with me on Twitter or post a comment and I'll get back to you. OR you can google them. The most famous one I know is called Amelia Kinkade. I'll send the message out and with LOTS of loving thoughts so you and Jacob can be reunited.

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