From a Tweet to GMTV

If any of you are hovering, not yet brave enough to make their first Tweet, do consider if you have room in your life for another addiction. It is powerful stuff.
I have immersed myself in Tweetdom for a few days, I did have noble objectives, but I must say once you start it's hard to stop.
My poor family has endured me wittering on about twittering, put up with missing me on the sofa when the pull of the computer has just been too great and they have tried to look excited when I've had a very successful Tweet.
So what is it?
It's a bit like instant messaging, I guess. It's short - maximum 140 characters (not words). People follow you - ie listen in to what you say and join in. And you can follow anyone you like, too.
When you request to follow someone they get the chance to follow you, too. Most of the celebs won't follow you, don't be hurt. It's just not feasible.
But others with an interest are more likely to respond. If you go into my account you can see all the people I am following and you can click to follow them, too. I've assembled nearly all the doggie Tweeters I can find and all the celebs - so that might make it easy to get started. A few are fakes - Richard Madeley is very odd, if not - same true for Terry Wogan!
The Twitter world has some big players, voices that everyone likes to tune in to. Most people follow @Wossy - Jonathan Ross - he's got 193,234 followers. @stephenfry - 386,868 followers.
Andi Peters (@xxandip ) - is a great introducer of other celebs as is Phillip Schofield (@Schofe) - 132,126 followers. All love to share details of their life and often break stories you'll later read in the papers.
My aim was to get one of the big guns to publicise missing dog Jacob and get non dog people looking for him too.
And within the space of a few days I got the lovely Richard Hammond (@richard_hamster) to help, Russell Grant (@AstrologerRoyal) is putting his mind to it and best of all the lovely Jenni Falconer (@Jennifalconer) gave Jacob the Welwyn Garden City wanderer a plug this morning on GMTV.
Along the way I've tweeted with Jonathan Ross about my old Sinclair Spectrum, discussed whether animal fat from dogs is in soap with Tony Blackburn and helped Gyles Brandreth out by telling him the top three dog names. Claudia Winkleman was my first celeb tweeter and as such will always be fondly remembered.
Let's hope all this Tweeting gets Jacob home. Do get out there and see if you can get your fav celeb to RT the message? It's great fun trying.
Here's the tiny URL to use - full length web addresses take up so many of your 140 characters.
Good luck and do tweet me when you've joined - I'm unimaginatively @beverleycuddy
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In the pink said…
well done Beverley. Jacob's blog is heartbreaking.
Anonymous said…
Beverley, Can you follow me? I often would like to comment on your excellent Tweets but cant as you dont follow me. I love Dogs Today too!
Please follow me...


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