The slaves of the puppy farming trade

I've just watched a video letter to Carmarthenshire County Council from Puppy Love.
It is upsetting, frustrating... and just plain wrong how these poor dogs are allowed to live a life of misery. How anyone can think these conditions are acceptable, how these people are licensed to enslave.
The terrified Cockers, the matted little dogs, all those sad little faces that will never know a better life.
If you can stand to watch - here's the link. And we need to steel ourselves to look, allow ourselves to be moved enough to find the energy to change the way dogs are let down by the system in this country.
We have a major article on puppy farming in our latest issue.


Penkitty said…
A client of mine had a puppy from this hellish place, the dog was ill when she got her and almost died. Consequently the puppy missed out on crucial socialisation and that combined with her bad breeding has made her an extremely nervous agressive dog. I have now been working with this dog for almost 6 months and we have made great steps but we are still a way off were I would like her to be.
I see a lot of dogs coming through rescue that originated from this place and I find it incredible that they are allowed to continue.
Penkitty said…
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Chapstaff said…
The poor pups must be feeling the equivalent of a human having severe depression or panic attacks with no hope.

They don't know that they aren't in that hell hole for life. :o(

Well done to Kiz & Timbellemia for organising the protests & for running Puppy Love.

I shall have a look at the puppy farming article in Dogs Today next.
We also wonder how they are allowed to continue . They think they are above the law and can do as they like and whats more it seems they can......WHY ? Can anyone answer that ?

Puppy Love
Patricia said…
Deplorable, illegal and very sad. Deplorable because Carmarthenshire County Council have not taken any action against the licensed dog breeders, when they are not complying with their licensing conditions. Illegal because although these so called dog breeders are licensed the Council has said after viewing the TV programe 'no case to answer' so they as a licensing authority not doing there job properly by enforcing current legislation therefore allowing the dog breeders to operate illegally by not complying with their licensing conditions.
Sad because with the dog breeders not acting responsibly or the Council not taking action under the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (welfare)Act 1999 and Animal Welfare Act 2006, the suffering is allowed to continue. Dogs living under poor, low standard conditions, animal welfare compromised and suffering is allowed to continue.
What can we do, is the Council beyond reproach? The puppy farmers (licensed dog breeders) highlighted here are being protected by the Council and the RSPCA is staying silent. What point is there of having legislation in place to protect the welfare of dogs if those in power such as the Council and RSPCA who can enforce legislation against those that do not comply are not prepared to use it?
Just thought you might like to know as far as we at Puppy Love know those Cocker's and Retrievers are still spinning in that hell hole ..

Any ideas how we can get them out or who we can turn to when everyone in authority just pases the buck ?

Free the Welsh dogs will be our new chant .
Penkitty said…
"Free the Welsh dogs will be our new chant."

What a worthy chant that would be! One of the problems here is that there is such wholesale cruelty and neglect the council & powers that be just turn a blind eye to it.

Farmers are killing dogs everyday but no one ever does anything about it. I am just waiting to take delivery of a litter of collies that were due for "the bucket".

The problem is even if someone were to go in and rescue the poor dogs in that hell hole more would follow and at worst they would close down and re open under a different name!

It causes me great distress to know that the barbaric treatment of dogs in Wales continues and dispite legislation which should protect them nothing ever really changes.
Penkitty said…
Well what do you know - the pups I've just taken were actually due to go to here and were never collected!
I am even more pleased I got them now I know that I've saved them from that ordeal. They are already skinny, under socialised and full of worms they wouldn't stand a chance at this place.

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