I want one of these!

If the manufacturer has any samples... you know where I am!


Penkitty said…
Brilliant! Could do with one for the kennels.
Chapstaff said…
Hahaha - clever idea. No substitute for the real thing though, although it would be great for a disabled owner.

Hope it never becomes available to the general public though, it would be quite dangerous to use unsupervised. Can't you just see the dog's tongue getting caught up in it.

Great to watch, thanks.
Rosie said…
Perhaps they should be made compulsory at puppy farms like that one in Camarthenshire. I'm still reeling from the shock of that video. Those poor dogs... Why are the RSPCA not allowed to visit? Where are Dogs Trust and the other big animal charities. If ever dogs needed their help it is these poor creatures. Shocking!

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