Jacob latest

Are you able to get out to Welwyn Garden City today? If so, can you keep your eyes peeled for someone walking Jacob? Yesterday a piece mentioning the GMTV plug ran in the local paper, and we had a sighting of a dog very much like him tied up outside the Co-op. If this is just a look-alike we need the owner to come forward so the search can continue elsewhere. But if it's not... it's just so promising.
If you email doglostbucks@ymail.com and mention Jacob you will be sent up to date posters to print out.
Shelley has talked to the postmen and the shopkeepers - but it really is a case of the more of us helping the better.
Shelley and her husband were walking the streets till after 11pm last night and they plan to do the same today.
We need to keep the momentum going.
Can we get the local radio stations to cover the story? Anyone any contacts?
Here's Jacob's owner's blog.
Fingers crossed that this boy will be home soon. And if you are the person who has Jacob you have nothing to fear, they only want him back and there is a substantial reward for whoever makes that happen.


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