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I know it's rare in this column, but we still need some lovely foster homes for six of Rhona's cats. Wonderful people have offered to take the four dogs and two of the cats. But we're still not completely sorted. Read the story by clicking here if you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about!
Now you don't need to take all six cats, two groups of three would be ideal. Or smaller groups.
Tailwaggers tries to help all pet owners, but I am really not that experienced with cats so apologies if I use the wrong breed names etc! I'm learning fast.
Rhona has her scan tomorrow and her pre-op assessment so more will be known by the weekend. But you may have to be able to move quickly as if they decide Rhona needs surgery ASAP we must be ready to help. She is feeling very poorly, her diabetes is very unstable due to this huge growth in her stomach and we're all worried about her being alone as she does keep having hypos.

Here are the cats:
All black, 10 years old and very timid indeed. May is named after the Mildmay Hospital in Hackney where Rhona used to work as a palliative care nurse. She took in little May when her owner suffered brain damage as a side effect of Aids. May spends a lot of her time in a motorbike helmet box on top of a cupboard as it makes her feel safe. As Rhona doesn't get many visitors, May hasn't had much chance to socialise so she needs someone who probably doesn't have any other cats or dogs and will be very patient with her as she will be very timid. Rhona says it took years for May to accept her. She may just stay in her box and creep out for food at night if it is left for her - so in many ways May might not be such a difficult foster as you might not even know she is there!

He was four last Christmas and is friendly a bit on the fat side. Probably fine with other cats. Probably okay with older dogs used to cats.

22 years old, very good old lady and much like Lemmy for sociability.

There are three more young cats needing fostering who are in an outside run, but all are litter trained and friendly and may enjoy as foster in a house. However, Rhona feels she will need help catching them to put them in cat boxes as they won't want to be boxed and Rhona is not that agile because of her health problems.

He is a gorgeous grey Maine Coon. He needs a groom as the last time he was done is four weeks ago and has been hard to catch since - but once caught he is very good and enjoys being groomed. He is good natured.

She is a very small orangey female Maine Coon. She is very friendly.

He is a stunning very pale snow-spotted Bengal with beautiful blue eyes. The Maine Coons are brother and sister. The Bengal was born a day apart from them and all are approx 2-3 years old.

Rhona lives in Workington, Cumbria.

Please spread the word, we urgently need these cats fostered for two to three weeks which is what we estimate will be Rhona's stay in hospital - but obviously we can't be sure how long it will be a this stage - that's just a guess. If you can help can you email me on or leave a comment here as some people have trouble with my email!

Thank you! And please do spread this message to cat forums and rescue sites!


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