Hello, hello, hello

Have you ever had a phone call that made your blood run cold?
Our Chloe put the caller on hold and said, "It's Camberley police for you."
As I don't have a guilty conscience (wasn't me who did the Graff heist, honest) I immediately feared bad news, an accident etc or a speeding offence I wasn't yet aware of! My parking has sometimes erred on the criminal too!
"I expect you know what this is about," said the voice on the phone.
I had no idea!
"I've had the BBC on the phone about the story on your blog about a dog-stealing crime wave in Surrey Heath."
I started to breath again.
"It's just we don't have all those cases reported to us so we can't investigate them."
I got the story off Christine who does our accounts - she's also in deep cover in the agility world. She's now on holiday so I can't ask her to reveal her sources.
If anyone knows the owner of the missing dogs can they ask them to contact me ASAP so I can pass them onto a lovely policeman who'd love to help them!
We also mentioned that someone in a red van was suspected of taking the dogs.
Stephen, the lovely police officer, told me that two completely innocent men working on the common doing important work are constantly being approached by angry pet owners accusing them of trying to steal dogs!
So if you have had your dog stolen or nearly stolen in the Surrey area (apparently Ash isn't Surrey Heath so we got that wrong!) please contact me and I'll put you in touch with lovely Stephen who will do his best to get to the bottom of all this. (beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk)
From chatting to Stephen I discovered he used to have seven Huntaways when he was sheep farmer in NZ (also a 1/4 Beardie who was useless in the snow) so he is very empathetic to how we all feel and will give this case his very best shot - if those concerned would actually report the thefts that is!
Here's my original possibly slightly inaccurate posting - perhaps the result of Internet Chinese whispers or who knows people who didn't think the police would be as interested as they obviously are! Please come forward if your dog has been stolen and let's help Stephen round up the thieves.
And please lay off the two blokes in the red van if you can! Treat all red van men with caution of course, just stop before wrestling them to the ground and searching their van please!

Dog thieves seem to be currently operating in the Surrey Heath area. We have heard that three dogs have been stolen from the Ash Vale area over the past few days – a Yorkie, a Labradoodle pup and a Labrador. There was an attempted theft of two Labradors from Lightwater Country Park over the weekend. It appears that lone female dog-walkers are being targeted; reports are that the thieves are two men driving a red van. Be extra vigilant and please report any suspicious activity to the police.


Julie Hill said…
Wow - the power of blogging!
Chapstaff said…
Absolutely Julie.
Can't help laughing at the thought of these poor blokes in the red van though.

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