Please be careful

Dog thieves seem to be currently operating in the Surrey Heath area. We have heard that three dogs have been stolen from the Ash Vale area over the past few days – a Yorkie, a Labradoodle pup and a Labrador. There was an attempted theft of two Labradors from Lightwater Country Park over the weekend. It appears that lone female dog-walkers are being targeted; reports are that the thieves are two men driving a red van. Be extra vigilant and please report any suspicious activity to the police.


Anonymous said…
I found a FAB company that will engrave highly visible dog tags - not only do mine now read 'Scan me' or 'I am microchipped' they also clearly say 'I am a neutered dog so cannot be bred from' They wear these in addition to their usual tags. Theives are either stealing dogs for bait at fights or to use for backyard breeding.Generating pups is the latest craze for 'easy money' for these despicable people.
Chapstaff said…
Thanks - crossposted

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