Max hates to be alone, can he stay with you?

Been asked to give this one a mention, sep anx is ghastly - poor Max.

I just wanted to get in touch with you to see if you might be able to help us with an appeal for a GSD dog called Max that is currently in an Oldies Club foster home. Oldies Club is a registered charity that uses a network of foster homes to help find loving forever homes for older dogs that find themselves in rescue.

Poor Max is suffering from severe separation anxiety since coming in to us and cannot currently be left at all without becoming extremely panic stricken and destructive. Unfortunately his current foster home is unable to cope and we need to move Max urgently to a foster/permanent home where he will not be left at all initially and his issues can be worked on.

The current fosterer needs us to move Max urgently in the next few days but unfortunately we just don't have a suitable foster home for him to go to at the moment. His situation is complicated in that he's not 100% with other dogs so finding a fosterer who is home all day with no other pets is proving to be an extremely difficult task.

All the details of his case can be seen on our website here.......


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