The latest designer crossbreed?

I thought I'd pass this on... genetic engineering being what it is how long before someone gives this one ago.... Needs a better name though if its going to take off.... how about a Pussadoodle Coneypony? Any better ideas?

And what is the dog ingredient? Are those Chihuahua front legs? Here's the press release to go with it - brave attempt to justify the hours spent in Photoshop creating this! I love PR!

Meet Max, officially Britain's perfect pet. He’s an Equicanigattus - a crossbreed like nothing ever seen before. The result of extensive research by MORE TH>N pet insurance, Max has the ears of a rabbit, face of a cat, body of a golden retriever and tail of a horse, and is what the nation’s
animal lovers would most like to have as their furry, four-legged companion.

Based on comprehensive interviews with 2,000 British pet lovers and interpreted by MORE TH>N’s team of pet experts, the study was undertaken to create a composite image of the nation’s perfect animal – the result of which was a cuddly cocktail of 49% dog, 35% cat, 9% horse and 7% rabbit!

Research also included analysis of various canine and feline personality traits, allowing MORE TH>N to create the psychological profile of the nation’s perfect pet; Max has high energy levels, loves daily walks and sleeps for an average of 9 hours, 27 minutes a day. He’s the proud owner of a loud, husky St. Bernard-style bark - ideal for warning-off unwelcome visitors - and true to the notion of ‘man’s best friend’, Max is loyal to his family, choosing only to show affection towards household members.

MORE TH>N’s Pete Markey comments: “This experiment has provided great insight into exactly what it is about their animals people love, both in terms of looks and personality, and it goes to show what a pet-obsessed nation we are. However, as much as Max looks cute and cuddly – and we’ve had great fun creating him – there’s a serious message to get across and it’s one of responsible pet ownership. Making sure you’ve got adequate insurance for your animal is a good place to start”.

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Chapstaff said…
For goodness sake - they must need something to do!
Anonymous said…
How ridiculous. Some backyard twit will try and cross a cat with a dog next.

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