Elle Macpherson and I

Well it's not every day I take on a supermodel, but it seems like I am at loggerheads with 'the body' in today's newspapers.
I have nothing at all against international supermodels usually, so it makes a change for me to be scrapping with them rather than the usual suspects.
But a journalist gave me a call yesterday and asked me what I thought about Elle Macpherson's Labradoodle getting paid £10k for a modeling contract.
At first I thought good luck to her, and then I had another think.
Things are already pretty silly with regard to people cashing in on the Labradoodle craze, charging silly money and making outrageous hypoallergenic claims. This is a type of dog that really doesn't need any more hype! And those nutters that follow celebs and buy the same clothes, dye their hair the same shade etc - do we really want them getting a matching dog, too? And will some idiots imagine that all gorgeous dogs can earn money for their owners as models?
As the owner of dog that is 'the face of Budgeon's own brand dog food' I can confirm that it hasn't changed our lives in any tangible material sense!
So, that's probably why I was so grumpy about Elle's dog's £10k modeling deal.
Here's the links...
Daily Mail
Daily Telegraph
and Evening Standard.


Good for you Beverley. Apart from your comments with which I agree utterly, I would also comment that as a trainer I see a lot of Labradoodles that people simply cannot cope with. Nothing to do with poor breeding - simply that they are active dogs... and large! It has been a wake-up call for some of my clients.
Anonymous said…
What the Hybrid vior and how these crosses are so much healthier than pedigrees you keeping on trying to foll people about......yet labradoodle have one of the worst hip records gping.........that is of the very few of the breeders or owners who bother to have them hips scored afterall they still are under the misguided view that they are not the "mutant freaks" described by that publicity seeking RSPCA vet who should be scored and of course will not be included in his over blown health recording scheme that fails at the first hurdle by EXCLUDING ALL cross breeds................. so perhaps you shoudl write a BALANCED article of the many cons and the pros of such a Designer breed............dont bother asking JH to write afterall she still not foudnd out what being balanced mean....and as the now confused public have swollen her spin that such cross breed must be far healthier what do you expect.......... ?!?! Sirius
Chapstaff said…
I am soo sick of so called celebrities.....& now their dogs too.

I could admire someone who does a worthwhile job, but models, pop stars, film stars, sports "personalities" do nothing for me.

Let a dog be a dog, it shouldn't be forced to be a fashion accessory!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sirius what on earth are you on about? Where are these exceptionaly high hip scores in Labradoodles?

According to the BVA 262 Labradoodles have been put through the KC/BVA scheme and the breed average score is 14.

Average for the Labrador is 15, Average for the Standard Poodle is 14.

Somewhat unsurprisingly Labradoodle hips would seem to be a reflection of both their parent breeds.

What may be improved is the incidence of recessive problems. We always advocate and insist that Labradoodles should be health screened for all the known health problems in both parent breeds.

But exactly how you take this story about a supermodel and her dog and spin into a rant about Jemima Harrison is a mystery.

Counselling may help!
Anonymous said…
Labradoodles and goldendoodles are not hypoallergenic-- indeed, it is impossible to make such a claim.

However, they do resemble a dog that is the ancestor of the water spaniels, retrievers, and possibly the modern poodle. This dog was called the English rough water dog or "water rug" as Shakespeare called them in Macbeth. These dogs looked very much like the Barbet, Portuguese water dogs, and the goldendoodles and Labradoodles.

George Stubbs painted two "water spaniels" look like this:


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