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Last night just before I went to bed I thought I'd have one last try to see if we could find some foster homes for Rhona's pets.
For those of you not used to Twitter, it's a social networking site where you are limited to 140 characters in every message to write.
I sent a message to probably the King of the Twitterers @Wossy - Jonathan Ross.
I told him to read this blog and asked for him to reTweet the message to his followers.
As he must get thousands of messages every day as I pressed send I didn't imagine anything would happen - it would be lost in the Twittersphere.
I told others on Twitter I was off to bed, then suddenly noticed a lot of people retweeting my message.
Jonathan hadn't just told his followers about Rhona he had personally donated £500 on my Tailwaggers Just Giving page next to this blog!
He also sent a message saying sadly he already had so many pets he couldn't foster the himself but hoped the donation would help.
The publicity he gave to the case has also resulted in several very promising people coming forward who may be able to foster some of the pets.
I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face. In just a few days Rhona's situation is already looking a lot less bleak.
On a sad note, last night our secretary tried to call Rhona to check she was okay. There was no reply and Carol was very worried as she didn't have an exact address at that point.
Her hunch had been correct. Rhona had been unconscious in the kitchen, her diabetes has been getting more and more unstable as this growth has got bigger.
We now have her home address and we'll be checking she's okay in case this happens again.
It's obviously urgent that Rhona gets treated.
Please read the previous blogs for the whole story.
Jonathan Ross is so kind. I can't believe he found the time to read this little blog.
Just shows, messing around on the computer when you should be putting the kids to bed does make a differnce!


alfmcmalf said…
I once met Wossy - backstage at London's Town and Country Club (ok so we are going a long way back) and he was very funny and charming. But I can't stand him on the TV nor on the radio so went right off him. Guess what? I am right back on him now.
Anonymous said…
that is just FAB. No chance he would spread the Jacob [missing Bracco] story too is there? All this tweeting is beyond me!
Anonymous said…
well done to wossy! a true dog lover, and owner of a gorgeous black pug!
Anonymous said…
I love JR even more then i did before now ;)

Anonymous said…
Can you also twitter why you and the charity board managed to waste so much money last year then on fundrasing that did not work.....thousands of pounds lost.......or as a journalst do you only want to sell your own spin on the way this charity is run? Catlady
(this will never be published as you only like to rubbish others and never admit to your own mistakes!!!)
Beverley Cuddy said…
Catlady or whatever silly made-up name you are hiding behind this time, I've decided to print your nasty little comment so everyone can see it.

It is true - last year Tailwaggers had a big deficit. Every year Tailwaggers has made a big loss.

Every year for as long as anyone can remember Tailwaggers has given out very much more than it has received in donations and ithad gradually eroded the money it started with.

When I became Chairman, every year the charity had budgeted to lose approx £15k and only had another few years of money left before the money ran out.

It is a wonderful unique charity quietly helping lots of desperate people in crisis - pet owners who usually have nowhere else to turn.

Consequently the trustees decided to try something to reverse the charity's depleting bank balance. We voted to start raising awareness of the charity before it was just too late and it died. It was either do something or do nothing.

Last year we did have a large deficit as for the first time we tried to raise funds rather than just distribute them, but this year's accounts show a much improved set of accounts.

After many years of Tailwaggers making substantial losses we have had had our first year in the black thanks to the generosity of the public.

CatLady, I've seen you making similar nasty snipes elsewhere on dog show forums as you're obviously trying to slander this wonderful charity as part of your hate campaign against me.

This thread should be about Rhona and helping her - not about what you think of my views on pedigree dog health! It's completely irrelevant.

Talk about having a one track mind!
TheEejits said…
Firstly and most importantly - what fab news! I actually dislike JR's "public performance" type persona but not for the first time can't help thinking what a lovely fella he is in "real life"!!!!

Hoping that Rhona soon gets the help she so desparately needs.

Beverley - the very best of luck for all that you do - to you and the whole Tailwaggers team!

Secondly Catlady - Iam appalled by your insensitivity! I hope that should you ever be as desparately in need as this lady that others behave better than you.

"The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue"
Mandy said…
Oh dear, what a sad, sad person "catlady" must be - so consumed with vitreol that she can't see beyond that to the huge good you are doing Beverley - your compassion in going out of your way to help poor Rhona and her animals (and many others) is truly admirable.
Chapstaff said…
Well done Wossy.

I never used to like you on radio or tv, then I read your biography -& realised you are playing a part just like in a soap. The real you is excrutiatingly honest, kind, generous, funny & a real animal lover.

I like you even more now.:o)

I hope Rhona is going to be ok & that someone is looking after her now, neighbours maybe?
alfmcmalf said…
Thanks for the tip on his Biog Chapstaff. That sound's really interesting.

Glad to see Cat Lady has got the very short shrift she deserves.

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