Hands up if your dog can do this...

If you think you've seen all this before, keep watching. Not so sure about the skydiving sequence, guess it depends how good you are catching... perhaps best not to try that one at home!

Thank you to Jemima Harrison for passing this on.


Chapstaff said…
All I can say is "Wow!"

Thanks for sharing Beverley & Jemima.
Unknown said…
Oh, how funny, Beverley - I'd just posted this on Honey's blog a couple of weeks ago! Aren't they amazing? Really inspirational, especially for those of us who enjoy teaching our dogs tricks...and also amazing how he could motivate & direct so many dogs at once - we who do Canine Freestyle struggle to do that with ONE dog never mind 8 simultaneously! :-)

Speaking of entertaining video clips, have you seen this one?
Gives new meaning to the term "piss artist!!" LOL! I don't know how the dog could stand on its front legs for so long...and it won its owners US$100,000!!


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