At last that More4 clip...


Anonymous said…
Just how vindictive are you going to be on this thing? Any respect you might of gained is now lost as you are too clouded it would seem by your personal vendetta against Mrs Kisko and the Kennel Club.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous KC apologist, just exactly how is publishing a clip already aired on TV vindictive?
If the KC has nothing to hide and the KC has done nothing to apologise for as seems to be their stance then how can they object?
This is about dogs Anonymous, not personalities, see the very sad film on the previous blog to remind you where your loyalties should be centered.
As to clouded, I think it's your retinas that have a touch of hereditary cataracts if that's how clearly you view this despicable footage.
BritBrit said…
I agree the Pug clip is sad...and teriible..........BUT............
how does one make the leap from THAT to ''ALL DOG SHOWS ARE BAD''?

That's the big problem with Beverly and this blog. You guys can't separate your love of dogs and your hatred for this perceived ''Victorian snobbishness'' and attitude that you THINK dog shows are all about.

In fact, people who show dogs come from all walks of life, some wealthy....most average...and a huge number quite poor.......who all share a love of dogs as their reason for getting together.

Whilst it gives you an enemy to focus on, this idea of a bunch of Cruella de Ville's parading their pups around a show ring.....the reality is something very different.

So just when we start to think that Beverly and friends are being a bit more rational, you again go on a tirade against the KC thats smacks of personal vendetta.

Show breeders work hard to do the right thing whether you believe it or not, and please dont confuse a sad story about the Pug as proof that dog shows are inherrently evil......its simply not so.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Brit Brit. I think you're missing the point!
I'm not anti-dog show, far from it. I think we need a strong Kennel Club but it also must be a fair and logical one.
Their attack on the Shepherd people is obviously emotional rather than rational at best.
We need them to lead but no one will follow them down this path of settling old scores and using PR spin to deflect from the real issues.
The Pug needs a lot of help to become less unhealthy, but there are lots of people who love this breed's personality and want to see that battle won. Same is true for the Cavalier and other breeds in much more real and apparent danger than the Shepherds.
It is the love of pedigree dogs that spurs me on, that makes me put up with all the jibes and attempts to blacken my motivation.
It's not about taking sides, it's about consistently doing the right thing by our friend the dog.
In Sweden we have a sensible system and we have dog shows that mean something. The German Kennel Club also has a much more evolved system and in the case of the GSD functionality is highly prized.
Rational is what we all need to be here.
The GSD is being made the whipping boy for purely cynical reasons.
Anonymous said…
Have you ever been to a dog show in Sweden? We know you comment at length at the evils you see at shows here with having been to any in recent years! so have you been to a Swedish show?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Well since you ask, yes I have been to a Swedish show.
I judged at their equivalent of Crufts!
Anonymous said…
That woman Kisko does more damage than good for the KC. The way the KC is going I can see in the future good breeders pulling away and starting up something else on their own.
BritBrit said…
I was almost convinced by your reply to my post.........and then I read the bottom line on the cover of your mag's new issue....about the ''shameful'' goings on at Crufts.

Of course you're not anti dog show :)
However Im convinced you ARE an ego maniac whose use of dogs as a power trip is nearly as disgusting as the shameful Cav breeder on the PDE film.

But keep milking this for all its worth, this is the most publicity you've received in donkey's years.
Beverley Cuddy said…
BritBrit - the coverlines relate to the GSD incidents. And which Cav breeder are you comparing me to?
The wonderful Margaret Carter who was the whistleblower or the one who knowingly bred on from the dog with SM.
If the latter an apology needed if you want to ever post here again I'm afraid.
You have overstepped a mark.

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