Two puppy farm escapees enjoying freedom

Just got this lovely email in, do get in touch with Tracey if you can give Louie a forever home:
hi bev thought you would like to see these new pics of little Louie bichon and Caddie oes in her new home. they do look better don't they? Caddie has lost that scared look. Louie and Caddie aren't together I just added caddies pics to this email, she is now living in sunny Cornwall, Louie is still in foster care waiting for a new home. Thanks Tracey

Click here to see how Louie  and  Caddie looked when they were first liberated. 


Ann said…
Surprised not to see this headlining on your blog

whether it will achieve anything remains to be seen, but at least we have the chance to put our views forward and hopefully get it changed to deed not breed.
Chapstaff said…
Aww - Louie and Caddie look soo much better now, good luck to them. Hope Louie gets that permanent home very soon.

Wish the govt would pull their finger out & get something done about battery farming of puppies.

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