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Please don't forget, there are some dogs who are really suffering due to exaggeration. Here is a link sent to me recently that brings it all home. Poor Olive.

Here's a photo of Lagos, the only dog criticised on the More4 Crufts programme in the health segment. A dog that has passed every health test imaginable, has a working qualification of the highest order and has passed a 20km endurance test without showing fatigue:

And if that wasn't enough, the KC sent a five month old GSD pup home in shame from the show branding it abnormal! Here's what the owner, a KC Accredited breeder who health tests religiously had to say about it.

"Here it is the last day at Crufts 2010.. I feel totally humiliated. At 76 years old and what? 40 years in the breed? Because a Kennel Club official and their Vet said my five month old baby GSD was unsound and they did not want her to be on a (KC Good Citizen Puppy Foundation) display team which the members of the public would see and which the KC felt was not the "sort of German Shepherd" they wanted the General Public to see I was asked to leave. 
"Yes... Get out FAST ... leave the show. No questions of not going in the team again but "Get Out" ... LEAVE" 
How humiliating is that? A five month old baby? Loose yes ... Unsound at 5 months? Possibly but 110% sound in character, 110 % sound in working ability - exactly WHAT are the K.C. looking for? Here we have 110% soundness of character - even the KC Official said that - but because she is a baby and loose I get banished from Crufts 2010.
An emotionally shattered and humiliated lifelong GSD enthusiast
Pam Quarton"
Lottie was already booked in for her routine 6 month hip Xray before this happened! If only all breeders were this very thorough!

Oddly by sending her straight home they appear to have broken their own rules...!
In the Crufts Exhibitors pack a leaflet entitled:-
Notice to Exhibitors
Regulation F(1)15 - Exclusion of dogs.
Paragraph 3 reads:-

By way of a reminder to exhibitors, under Regulation F(1)15 (Exclusion of Dogs) if in the opinion of the Show Secretary, Show Manager or duly appointed official of the Kennel Club any dog is suffering from a visible condition which adversely affects its health or welfare the dog must be examined by the Veterinary Surgeon of the show to establish the validity of the allegation. The Veterinary Surgeon's opinion shall be final and if the allegation is upheld, the dog shall be excluded from all subsequent competition at the Show, including the Group.  However, the dog may remain at the show.  (My italics and bold)
And another complaint from the show has surfaced, the only people being treated worse than the GSD people seem to have been children and rescue dogs!

Against my better judgment and only after lots of nagging by my children, I visited Crufts on 11th March.  I have two boys, eight and 10, and the first stand we came to was the Young Kennel Club.  They were so enthused and a weekend in May of activities seemed perfect.  We duly paid our £10 subscription each and the boys spent a further £10 each on bits and bobs.

To submit the form for the weekend at Stafford, I needed to complete my dogs KC Registered Name.   I rescued my Weimaraner from my local dogs home at 10 weeks but as a rescue I don't know her lineage - nor do I want to.  My Tibetan Terrier has Crufts winners in her pedigree and to date has cost me over £23,000 in vets bills so I do not put much emphasis on the KC register and breeding policy.  I queried this with the YKC and was told that the "dog does need to be on a KC register to take part in any YKC activities or competitions".  They did not mention this when taking my £40!

I think this is very short sighted and typical of the snobbery and "old boys club" that is the Kennel Club.  Children are not exposed to dogs enough so to penalise those that want a healthy fun relationship with their pet is ridiculous.  Does it matter if the dog is a mongrel or a pure breed? It's supposed to be all about fun and education.  I have therefore asked for my money back and shall have two very disappointed children.


Josie Homer



Anonymous said…
It was my understanding that dogs under 6 months of age are not allowed at shows?
Anonymous said…
That is a very very sad video, and the KC think that GSDs have problems!!

With reagrds to the sending home of the GSD puppy, the age, I believe wasnt the issue, it was because the vet who had x ray eyes said the puppy had an abnormal rear end/hips.
Julia said…
Oh poor, poor Olive. That's had me in tears - that an innocent should have to suffer like that.

As for the YKC, they don't deserve any members. They should welcome all dogs - so what if the dog's not got a long pedigree. Look where it got poor Olive. If that's what the KC stands for, then who wants to be a part of it anyway? Perhaps it's time that the KC was replaced with a body that has all dogs' welfare at heart and is less concerned about it's 'old boys' network.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Just to clarify:
Lottie was invited to take part in a display showing the Kennel Club Good Citizen Foundation course.
There was also under age Bassets and Cavaliers invited to take part.
Only dogs older than six months can compete at dogs shows and dogs have to older to compete at Crufts as they have to won a qualifying award at a previous show.
Lottie was ejected for her looks and not her age.
Anonymous said…
How ridiculous! That post about the YKC.....yes your dog has to be on a register, but it doesn't have to be a breed one, it can be the companion dog club, the activity register.....so try not to paint the picture that they have excluded rescue dogs as that is NOT the case!
Shame as your children would have loved taking part in the YKC events!
Bit silly of an owner to ignore the 6 month rule for attending dog shows, especially one that has been in the breed so long. However that said brilliant socialisation for a pup considering you are sensible.
Ann said…
I imagine the Weimeraner of unknown lineage could probably be put on the Activity Register (my unknown breeding rescued collies who compete in agility are) for a mere £12 if they really want to go.
Anonymous said…
No one at the KC offered to reg the Weimaraner on the Activity register, but it certainly used to be the case that you couldn't register 100% pedigree dogs on there. If they fibbed and said it was Weimaraner cross they could probably get around it. It's a common problem with rescue dogs if you want to compete in any KC events.
Anonymous said…
No dog under the age of 6 months is allowed to be at Cruft be it invited or not the owner of the GSD knew that and should not of taken it!!!
Anonymous said…
"Lottie was ejected for her looks and not her age." how do you know? weren't at the show,,,,,,,,,,,,but then again you never do go but still comment on it !!
Anonymous said…
Morons - it was the KC's own display of under age puppies. The KC invited the pups to take part. The vet expelled on health. Can't you read - if you don't believe it here read it on Dog World or get someone else to read it out to you!
Anonymous said…
My Tibetan Terrier was bred by a winner of Crufts and to date has cost me over £23,000 in vets bills - Joise if this was the other dog you expected your child to take to eth YKC camp it sounds like it might of been unfair for such an ill dog to go, what is/was wrong with it for vet to charge so much money? when you say it was bred by a Crufts winner is itout the dog which went best in show there or just another dog who has won there?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Let's not stray into libel! I have already asked Jose for more info about her TT, but here is not the place to discuss these details.
Anonymous said…
why would any vet worth his salt allow someone to spend that kind of £££ on an animal? not sure if the vet isn't the bad guy in this scenario.
sharon said…
Have just plucked up courage to watch the video. Words fail. Surely breeders really need to take stock of what they are doing. This is so so cruel.
Anonymous said…
in the past 10 years (which would be a logical period for the mention dog to have been born in)only 6 different Tibetan Terriers have won BOB at Crufts, 2 of those lived abroad and have o progeny in this country, another 1 of them has only been used at stud once (all the pups were kept by his owner) so I hope you are now prepared to either name the dog concerned, remove the blog item or face three actions for libel, as you have now tarred the three dogs with the same allegation. Reporters should learn there are times when not telling a full story will cause them and others problems.
Anonymous said…
I hear that at least one of those Tibetan Terriers you have tarred with this blog has now asked their solicitor to take action, the others are too meet after a breed club AGM this weekend to discuss their action, time you were actually a responsible journalist and not one who want to be in the news herself, unless its going to be for libel, then you might loos DTs in the court fees

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