A bone to pick

Today's Independent followed Pedigree Dogs Exposed's Jemima Harrison around Crufts on the second day of the show.
Click here to read their piece.
A good piece let down a little by the poo obsession at the end! A few stumbles, it's not the KC leading the way with the Dalmatian backcrossing, it was an individual who brought these amazing dogs over. And the KC say peope can only use them in their breeding if Dalmatian judges give them the go ahead.
But still a massive step forward for the breed and a good call.


Anonymous said…
I do wish the national press would stop assigning the dog stories to it's second string journalists. A wonderful example in this article:
"To widen the gene pool, experts in the US have learned how to breed Dalmatians with pointers."

And I'm sure it took many years of study! We're not talking about a different species here. Take one pointer, add one dalmatian of opposite gender. Stand back and let them get on with it!

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